2023 Market Insights and Behavioural Finance: A Collaborative Perspective from Jurgens Group and Morningstar

Jurgens Group and Morningstar vlog

In this engaging year-end wrap-up vlog, Mark and Alan, directors at Jurgens Group, join forces with Debra Slabber, Director: Portfolio Specialist at Morningstar to reflect on the pivotal moments of 2023 and offer forward-looking insights into the financial markets.

The video kicks off with an introduction to the collaborative efforts between Morningstar and Jurgens Group, setting the stage for a deep dive into the year’s market dynamics.

Spotting Financial Façades & Surfing Market Waves: A Guide to Avoiding Ponzi Schemes and Embracing Volatility

Jurgens Group Alan and Mark episode 4

In this latest episode, Mark, and Alan from Jurgens Group, address two urgent topics that have caught investors’ attention. First on the agenda is a timely warning about the all-too-prevalent Ponzi schemes—those treacherous traps masquerading as golden opportunities. The duo will lay out the red flags to watch for, ensuring you can steer clear of financial predators. Following that, they’ll delve into the market volatility that has characterised the past couple of months, dissecting the causes and potential impacts on your portfolio. This vlog is a must-watch to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate these tumultuous times with confidence.