Fourth Quarter 2023

We view the Bok’s victory in the World Cup as a fitting conclusion to 2023.We trust that you enjoyed the celebrations. As we approach the new year, we extend our wishes for good health, prosperity and joy to you and your loved ones. May the coming year bring success and fulfilment to all.

Message from Mark Jurgens

We are reaching the end of a very challenging year, and it has been distressing for us to hear the recent news regarding another Ponzi scheme which has come to light, affecting thousands of investors in South Africa. So many investors find approval amongst colleagues by being invested in a popular portfolio, without doing any due diligence on the portfolio themselves. I thought it appropriate to remind you of the requirements of the Collective Investment Schemes control act (Unit Trust Fund, Exchange Traded fund and Hedge Fund).
  • The Collective Investment Schemes management company (Manco) must be registered with the FSCA (Financial Servies Conduct Authority).
  • The Manco will outsource the investment function of its C.I.S to a portfolio manager, which must be a registered Financial Services Provider.
  • The Manco must maintain a separate operational trust account for the C.I.S which is controlled by a trustee or custodian – usually a bank.
  • Due to the assets of the portfolio being separate, they are protected in the event of the Manco getting into financial difficulty.
Thus, the first step to take when investing into a product that resembles a C.I.S is to check whether the fund, its Manco, portfolio manager and custodian are all registered with the FSCA. It is fairly simple to find proof of membership on the FSCA website, and I encourage you all to search our FSP number 732.

I would like to convey my gratitude, along with that of my colleagues, for your continuous support throughout the years. As we to look ahead to 2024, my hope is that we find peace and stability in this increasingly turbulent world we are currently living in. May the upcoming festive season bring you and your families joy, and for those travelling, may your journeys be safe.
Stay well and regards

‘Balancing Acts: The Dual Nature of Investments’ from Alan Botha

Investing is a dynamic dance between potential returns and the inherent volatility and chaos that come with it, and we have had our fair share of chaos to contend with over the past three years. Too often, individuals are enticed solely by the promise of profit, without considering the tumultuous nature of financial markets. This one-sided perspective can lead to unrealistic expectations and ultimately set investors up for disappointment. To truly understand investments, one must recognise that both sides of the equation, potential return, and volatility, play integral roles in the overall scheme.

Potential Returns: The Allure of Profits The allure of potential returns is what draws individuals to invest in the first place. It represents the promise of financial growth and the possibility of achieving long-term goals. Whether it is through shares, property, or other financial instruments, the potential for substantial gains is a powerful motivator. However, it is essential to remember that potential returns are not guaranteed and are often subject to a multitude of external factors.

Volatility: The Rollercoaster of Risk Volatility is the wild ride that accompanies the pursuit of returns. It represents the fluctuation of asset prices over time, driven by a myriad of factors such as economic conditions, geopolitical events, and market sentiment. While volatility can create opportunities for investors to buy low and sell high, it also introduces an element of risk. Sudden market swings can lead to significant losses if not managed carefully. Embracing volatility means understanding that it is an inherent part of the investment landscape and learning to navigate it effectively leads to positive outcomes over time.

Chaos: Navigating the Unpredictable Chaos in the financial markets is a reality that every investor must come to terms with. It encompasses unforeseen events, sudden market disruptions, and unpredictable shifts in investor sentiment. From geopolitical tensions to unexpected economic downturns, chaos can strike at any moment. While it may seem daunting, it is crucial to remember that chaos also presents opportunities. Successful investors are those who can adapt quickly, make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty, and stay resilient in turbulent times.

The Importance of Balance: To truly grasp the nature of investments, one must acknowledge that potential returns, volatility, and chaos are interconnected components of a complex system. Ignoring any one of these elements can lead to a skewed perspective and ultimately result in ill-informed decisions. Balancing potential returns with an understanding of volatility and chaos allows investors to approach the market with a realistic outlook. It encourages the adoption of diversified investment strategies, risk management techniques, and a long-term perspective. By recognising the dual nature of investments, individuals can position themselves to weather market storms and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Investing is a multifaceted endeavour that demands a comprehensive understanding of both the potential returns and the accompanying volatility and chaos. When someone presents only one side of the equation, they are doing a disservice to the complexity of the investment landscape. It is crucial to approach investments with a balanced perspective, acknowledging the risks alongside the rewards. By embracing both the allure of potential returns and the challenges of volatility and chaos, investors can navigate the financial markets with wisdom and confidence. Remember, it is not about avoiding the storms, but about learning to sail through them and emerge stronger on the other side.

Quote of the Day

"Financial planning and discipline is key to one’s financial freedom."

Short Term News Update from Greg Brits

Let me start by saying “Go Bokke”, what an inspiration they are to us all, nail-biting quarters, semi’s and final but nevertheless we proved a point!

Gosh how this year has flown, I can’t believe that Christmas is upon us so quickly.

There have been many changes in the Short Term Insurance industry this year, especially with topic’s almost always surrounding Power Surge claims, Solar installations, Burglaries and general Maintenance of homes and businesses. With the festive season ahead one can be certain that thieves are also waiting for opportunities to present themselves.

Below are some key points which will help you manage the above risks more effectively, should a loss occur.

• Power Surge Protection in homes and businesses has become the norm across the board with Insurers. A Type 2 SPD (surge protection device), is a requirement and needs to be fitted to your main Distribution Box. Businesses with 3-phase power need Type 1 SPD’s and in some cases both. We strongly suggest that you use a trusted Electrician for these installations, remembering that a COC (certificate of compliance) is required after the installation has been completed.

• Solar systems once installed are not automatically included on your policy, and hence your Insurer needs to be notified. There are different ways of insuring your solar system depending on the cover you choose. Use only accredited solar installers who will issue a COC, which is an insurance requirement, and be sure to check with the installer that your roof can withstand the extra load of the panels. Ensure that your installer has a valid Contractors All Risks policy in force when working at your premises.

• Should you have a Linked Alam Warranty on your policy, it means that your Insurer has imposed a condition specific to theft cover being in place. Your alarm system must be linked to an armed reaction company and must be in working order at all times, as well as being activated when the home is unoccupied. Make sure that your alarm company is receiving opening and closing signals, as well as checking that your batteries can maintain their charge and are in good working order. Where possible upgrade to a lithium battery which has a much longer life expectancy.

• Storms and excessive water cause damage to your building, home contents or business contents if not maintained. Now is the time to clean out gutters, check waterproofing on pitched or flat roofs and conduct general maintenance of your premises. Wear and Tear or gradual deterioration is not covered by Insurers and hence it’s vitally important that you maintain the upkeep of your premises.

• It’s also a good idea to do some tree felling to prevent overgrowth which helps the stability of tree’s during a storm.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal clients for your continued support and wish you and your families a blessed Christmas and Prosperous 2024.

Best Regards

Jurgens Insurance Brokers Team
You might recall on one of our previous newsletters, Mark initiated a drive to support TEARS foundation who helps those impacted by violence and abuse. We are very proud to announce that Mark’s ongoing support has awarded him an honouring as one of Gauteng’s 365 men of the year awards for 2023.