Wealth Management

The Jurgens Group prides itself on providing unbiased financial advice to our clients. In conjunction with carefully chosen asset managers and other investment partners we offer personalized solutions for our clients where we actively invest our clients’ funds in bespoke portfolios tailored to their individual needs, risk appetite and tax concerns. We are Category Two brokers, which gives us some discretion, and have a range of products to suit all clients: Unit Trusts, Offshore Investments, Structured Products and Guaranteed Products. We choose investment partners with consistent investment philosophies and long-term, sustainable returns, such as

  • Investec
  • Coronation
  • Allan Gray
  • Stanlib
  • Prudential
  • Glacier and
  • Sanlam.


Life Assurance

Planning for your future or retirement is one thing, but part of prudent planning it taking into consideration what will happen when things go wrong.  Death and disability, whether permanent or temporary need to be adequately and efficiently planned for to ensure that at these moments you and your family are financially sound.  That will not be the time to have to worry about the financial situation.

We take risk planning very seriously and are able to structure the most cost-efficient, as well as best-of-breed risk assurance solutions available in the market place for you.

Contact us today if you would like an independent review of your risk plan to see if you are appropriately covered.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a highly specialised area and the relevant expertise can mean the most efficient solution for the disposal of your assets, both in terms of the execution of your wishes and in terms of estate duties and taxes.

There is a difference between an old-style Life Assurance product, which many people hold and do not fully understand and the newer Living Annuity products.  The advantages and disadvantages of each needs to be understood and the most effective solution chosen, both for retirement and again, in terms of the importance in estate planning.

In the same vein, many are also not aware how their assets should be disposed of in a tax-effective way and how these disposals or distributions will affect their Estate Plan.

Contact one of our advisors today to review your overall Estate Plan to assess how your assets can be efficiently administered both prior to and in the event of your death.

Corporate Pension and Provident Funds

A pension or provident fund is highly recommended to provide both retirement and risk benefits for your employees. We understand the benefits and returns, needs and objectives, both of the company and the employee regarding the investment in a pension fund. Jurgens Group will assist our clients in the decision of which investment portfolio to choose, ensuring you get the provident fund package most suited to your specific needs. As we have the necessary experience and expertise, Jurgens Group will, after careful analysis of your objectives, manage and allocate the funds pertaining to the provident fund, ensuring smooth administration as well as investment decisions.

Medical Aid

We offer a full consultancy healthcare service to our corporate clients, offering them a range of options to suit their needs and budgets.  As with the pension and provident funds, once a best-fit medical aid scheme or company is chosen, we handle all the administration for our corporate clients.