Based in Cape Town, Sanlam Investments is made up of some of South Africa’s leading investment management companies and has a presence in sub-Saharan Africa as well as abroad in the UK the United States and Europe.

As Sanlam is made up of a broad range of specialist financial companies it’s range of expertise is diverse, including a range of asset management and investment services:

  • True asset management
  • Alternative investment solutions
  • Collective investment management and stock-brocking
  • Multi-management
  • Structured financial products
  • private equity fund management
  • Risk management

Sanlam also provides a range of life cover products for individual clients, covering Life, Disability and Trauma:

  • Lump-sum investments
  • Offshore investments
  • Retirement annuities
  • Retirement products
  • Topaz risk cover

These products cover clients’ against risk, illness, trauma and death while others provide living benefits through their saving potential.

Sanlam provides it’s varied services to an equally diverse range of clients; including, corporations, financial institutions, governments and government agencies.

Sanlam’s member investment businesses are:

  • Sanlam Investment Management (SIM)
  • Sanlam Collective Investments (SCI)
  • Sanlam Multi-Managers International (SMMI)
  • Sanlam Private Investments (SPI)
  • SIM Emerging Markets (SIM-EM)
  • Sanlam Properties (SP)
  • Octane Holdings Limited (Octane)
  • Sanlam Employee Benefits (SEB)
  • Sanlam Asset Management (Ireland) (SAMI)
  • Sanlam Private Equity (SPE)
  • Sanlam Capital Markets (SCM)
  • SIM Global
  • Hedgehog Capital
  • Sanlam Structured Solutions (SSS)