Winners of several awards in the financial industry, Momentum focuses on innovation and value for money. A deep pride in their financial products, and their impact on the industry, is reflected through their winning of such awards as:

  • The best Long-Term Assurer of the Year in Risk Products (2006)
  • Best Insurance Company in the Life Risk Products Category (2006)
  • Investment Product Supplier of the Year (2007)

Providing a full range of financial products and solutions, as well as providing financial planning and advice to their clients, Momentum practices the philosophy that ever client is one of a kind and, as such, requires financial solutions that are just as unique. Every client’s financial planner goes to great lengths to determine the client’s specific circumstances, in detail, and to provide advice and solutions that are best suited to meet those needs.

The range of solutions and services offered by Momentum are:

  • Debt and cash flow management: Set up a personal budget and go about understanding the relation of your debt to your other financial commitments.
  • Risk planning: Determines the exact impact of premature death or disability on your financial situation.
  • Pre-retirement planning: Secure your retirement as well as determine a feasible age at which you can retire.
  • Post-retirement planning: Analysis of investments to provide you and family with a suitable retirement income.
  • Investment planning: The design of an investment portfolio that is best suited to your needs and risk profile.
  • Healthcare cover: Recommendations of a suitable medical aid solution to match you and your family’s needs.
  • Asset protection: Short-term insurance.
  • Education planning: Not only should you save enough for your children’s education but you should also ensure that their education needs are covered should you die prematurely.
  • Saving for special goals: Make your dreams more of a feasible possibility by purposefully setting money aside to meet them.