Fedhealth “Real Medical Aid” is one of the most recognised and reputable medical aid providers in South Africa. Their focus being on the core of their business and providing top benefits for their members, Fedhealth has managed to consistently attract and satisfy customers throughout their years in the industry.

These are just some of the unique benefits provided by Fedhealth:

  • Child dependent can transfer without underwriting: When a child dependent of yours no longer qualifies as a dependent Fedhealth will transfer them to their own membership without a break in cover.
  • Option to upgrade to higher cover anytime: If you or your dependents or diagnosed with a chronic condition you may upgrade your cover whenever you wish.
  • Unlimited oral contraception: Oral contraceptives taken for the benefit of contraception will be paid form the in-hospital benefit rather than from day-to-day benefits.
  • Professional and extreme sports cover: This covers you against injuries incurred while partaking in extreme or professional sports while in South Africa.
  • 30-days hospital benefit cover after leaving hospital: Certain treatments resulting from a hospital visit are covered for a further 30 days after you leave the hospital
  • emergency treatment covered: Fedhealth pays for emergency treatment in the casualty ward that is followed immediately by hospital admission.