Discovery Wealth

A new company in the discovery stable, Discovery Wealth, offers investors the lowest investment costs on the modern market through it’s comprehensive range of quality financial products.

Building on the foundation of experience and quality delivery already laid down by the Discovery brand, Discovery Wealth brings contemporary innovations in the structure of their financial products, giving you more flexibility of choice.

Discovery Wealth has brought three basic changes to the way in which you can protect your savings:

  • Using Discovery’s existing life insurance platform financial packages, tailor made to suit your needs, become available.
  • You are given the ability to protect from bad investment choices by having your returns automatically adjusted to what would have been the better option at pay out stage.
  • By integrating your investments with your current Discovery Life Plan and by looking after your health, you could be eligible to pay no administration fees and asset management fees on Discovery’s funds.

Discovery Wealth’s plans are designed specifically to reduce your risk due to market fluctuations, ensuring greater peace of mind for investors. These are some of the financial vehicles we offer to achieve this:

  • Endowment: Medium term investment providing tax benefits if you have a 5- to 10-year plan.
  • Flexible Investment: Gives you immediate access to your funds with tailor-made investment solutions.
  • Retirement Plan: Long-term investment vehicle providing tax benefits for saving towards your retirement.
  • Preserver Plans: Ensures the safety of your retirement plans even when you’ve left your current employer.
  • Retirement Income Plans: Allows you more freedom in choosing the retirement plan that suits you best.