Discovery Life

The Discovery Group’s primary interest is the improvement of people’s health and quality of life. This philosophy is reflected in Discovery Life’s affordable and reliable life cover products.

Discovery Life is a relative newcomer to the insurance industry. The popular and successful medical aid products upon which the Discovery Group has been founded have given the group the financial stability and credibility to continuously branch into more and more diversified financial services.

The life cover products provided by Discovery Life is an example of the company’s dedication to consistently expanding on their product and service offering.

Discovery Life’s products are “innovative living insurance products to maintain standards of living when life-changing developments occur.” The Discovery Life Plan is the centre piece of Discovery Life’s insurance solutions, and around it is constructed the almost limitless flexibility of their various packages and service combinations.

The following is what the Discovery Life Plan offers you:

  • Flexible funding methods, meeting your needs in terms of affordability.
  • The ability to integrate your Discovery Life Plan if you are a member with any other branch of the Discovery Group.
  • Capital Disability Benefits which pays out a lump sum should you become disabled.
  • Income Continuation Benefit and Overhead Expenses Benefit allows you to protect your income if you become permanently or temporarily disabled.
  • The Sever Illness Benefit helps to protect your quality of life should you suffer severe illness.
  • A number of benefits that protect your family in the event of sickness, disability or death.
  • The Discovery Retirement Optimiser helps to secure your retirement years.