Bonitas is the second largest open medical scheme in South Africa. Having a successful 26-year history, Bonitas’ position as a large and well-established medical scheme means they are able to provide secure products with less fluctuations in the claims experience of their clients.

Bonitas’ range of products has been developed to cover clients across the spectrum of income brackets. They are both transparent and easy to understand.

Bonitas’ product range encompasses the following medical product classes:

  • Traditional Options: These options combine the costs for all the beneficiaries into one shared pool. The cost is split evenly between each beneficiary meaning that in times of ill health the cost to each individual remains constant.
  • New Generation Options: The member contributes to personal savings account which can only be used for the individual’s needs. Unspent funds accumulate and are taken into future years with the beneficiary.
  • Low Cost Capitation: By using a doctor within a specific network the beneficiary of the Low Cost Capitation can drastically reduce the cost of medical expenses. This is done by moving the cost risk of health management from the patient to the doctor. Low cost capitation is aimed at individuals from lower income brackets.