Santam Insurance

Santam, a short term insurer who’s big yellow umbrella has become synonymous with quality short term insurace in South Africa, first opened it’s doors to the market in 1918. Santam is the South African industry leader in short term insurance, holding 20% of the marekt themselves, making them the largest provider of short term insurance in the country.

Their focus on the corporate, commercial and personal insurance sectors, Santam prides itself on providing highly specialised client-oriented financial packages, aimed at meeting the needs they’ve identified during their more than 90 years in this business.

Possibly the most well-known and highly-advertised personal insurance policy that Santam provides is the Santam Multiplex. This highly flexible personal insurance policy covers household possessions, buildings and gardens, machinery, vehicles, water craft, personal liability, legal access and family protection insurance.

Santam’s commercial insurance covers business insurance, dedicated agricultural insurance, Mediplex insurance for medical professionals, Dentiplex for dental professionals, Vinoplex for vineyards, Umbrella Liability and Transport Insurance.

Corporate insurance covers property damage, casualty, motor fleets, business interruption and differences in conditions caused by riots.

As one can clearly see, Santam provides a fully comprehensive range of short-term insurance solutions for every need.