The largest private insurance company in South Africa, Hollard takes pride in being a local business, making a worldwide difference. From Australia and the UK to Pakistan and India, Hollard brings their distinctly South African touch to over 6 million policy holders across the globe.

Never afraid to turn the magnifying glass on themselves, part of Hollard’s success can be attributed to their ability to not only withstand criticism, but to turn their attention inward developing solutions to any problems they might find there.

This progressive attitude of transparency has lent a certain credibility to Hollard that many other companies, especially in the often negatively-viewed insurance industry, fail to achieve.

Hollard creates, in its work environment, a feeling of “being at home” for its employees, aiming to make working for the company a pleasure. The Hollard team feels like a team, thus creating an environment unequaled in terms of work conductivity. At the end of the day, this pleasant working atmosphere benefits the client. Happy workers work harder.

Hollard works closely with clients and partners in order to find the best solutions to the needs of those the company serves. Keeping with their dynamic approach and “family business” feel, these solutions could often be considered unconventional by the standards of Hollard’s peers. The importance is not in convention though, the importance is in results.

To learn more about what makes Hollard the company it is, the culture, the principles and the benefits of using them, take a look at the Hollard website.