Camargue Underwriting Managers

Camargue underwrites insurance and provides risk transfer to a wide range of South African businesses.

Founded in 2001 to meet the needs of risk transfer in South Africa’s changing business environment, Camargue has provided financial solutions and products to many local businesses striving to survive and expand in the challenging global economy.

With it’s connections to Lloyd’s of London, the leading international society of underwriters, Carague has a firm foundation and the credibility to back up it’s claims as one of the leading providers of financial underwriting solutions in South Africa.

Some of Camargues financial products, in brief, are:

  • Directors and officers liability: Protects against claims brought against you by shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Employment practice liability: Protects against claims that could be laid against a company by it’s employees.
  • Pension fund trustee liability: Protects the pension fund and trustees against possible claims of fraud and errors of omission.
  • Camargue general liability: Protects the company against possible claims relating to, non accidental operative clause, Pure financial loss, Goods in the insure’s, care custody and control and Negligent advice.
  • Camargue commercial crime: This insurance covers, Employee Dishonesty, Computer Fraud, Extortion, Contractual Penalties and Fraudulent Transfer Instructions.

This products offering uses Camargue’s M3 principle: Mitigate, manage and migrate.